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Leaderboard Sponsorship  $25 per issue
Your ad. Your choice of font, color and wording.
This banner will sit proudly on top of the page you choose carrying your message.


Advertising in American Roads is an excellent way to spotlight your company, your events and attractions, your books - whatever you want the people who travel the American roads to know.

American Roads also has limited space for travel related sponsors in addition to our regular ad space. Being a sponsor will grant you a spot featured prominently on the pages of American Roads at a guaranteed rate for one year. Limited space available for sponsorships.

American Roads is looking for a few sponsors. This is your chance to lock in a great rate for your promotional material for one year. These are special introductory rates. Sponsors must be travel related.

  • Sponsor ads will be located in the top area of each page of AR.
  • Sponsors will be able to change their ad in every issue to reflect what they wish to promote.
  • Sponsors can put a reciprocal link on their site to American Roads.

If you like what you see at American Roads, this is your chance to become one of the four sponsors that we will accept. Sponsor ads will be prominently featured on all the pages of AR at a guaranteed rate for one year. We at American Roads plan to work hard to make this the best travel magazine around. There are so many new places to go and things to see...

For those of you who want to be a part of American Roads but do not wish to commit to a sponsorship, we are offering ad space. The ads will appear on the side of a specific page, your choice based on available pages. The rates are equally low but there is no guarantee as to how long they will remain at these prices. Rates are below and sample ad sizes are placed appropiatly around page.

Your ad. Your choice of font, color and wording.
All prices are based on a one year term.

Leaderboard (728 x 90) Sponsorship  $25 per issue

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)  $20

Rectangle (180 x 150) $15

Skyscraper (125 x 600) $10

Button  (120 x 60) $5

Test or other size ads are available also.


For Additional Information Email amagazine@hotmail.com 




Your ad. Your choice of font, color and wording.

 Your choice of font, color and wording.