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 Cover of Tenant from Hell
The Tenant from Hell
Book 1 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Casey Clark, property manager, is just trying to evict a bad tenant. Instead she is over her head in murder and mayhem

 Cover of Double Duplicity
Double Duplicity
Book 2 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Trouble  follows Casey like a raging fire.

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Missing-- Gone but not Forgotten

Based on the unsolved abduction of a little girl in a rural  Florida Community.

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Under a Bloody Flag

Kansas and Missouri were a "no man's land" in the days before the War between the States.

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Under a Black Flag
Kansas and Missouri heated to the boiling point during the War between the States. 

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For Want of a Ship
John Roy came to New Orleans looking  for peace instead he found war.

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Last Step
Last Step will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you gasping in surprise at the ending

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Kudzu shows you a different part of the South, past and present. Mystery with a touch of romance and a smidgen of paranormal.

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Wild about Florida: South FL
The Everglades swarm with wildlife from birds,  to mammals, to reptiles.

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Wild about Florida: Central FL
Central Florida has the ocean and gulf beaches much like other parts of Florida but in many other ways it is distinct and unique. 

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Wild About Florida: North FL
Come explore caves, hills, whitewater falls and lots of other fun things you didn't expect to find in Florida.

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Georgia's Ghostly Getaways 

Who is not fascinated by mysterious things that go bump in the night? Are there some places where departed souls still linger?

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Hosts With Ghosts
The South has long been famous for its Southern Hospitality. Hotels throughout Dixie vie with one another to offer their guests more service and more amenities. Many have guests that never depart.

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Finding Florida's Phantoms
Florida! The land of sunshine and wide-open beaches. But even the Sunshine State has its dark secrets. Places where centuries old spirits remain tied to earth. Beneath the facade of fun and make believe lurks the real Florida.

cover of color st augustine coloring book
Color Saint Augustine
This is a way to virtually visit Saint Augustine. It's a coloring book for grown ups (but kids will love it too.)  with an actual photo of the attractions in Saint Augustine. The opposite page is the same photo converted into a black and white line image for you to to color. It's 64 pages with 30 photos and 30 pages for you to color. On each photo and each color page there is a little about the story of the image . 

Music a la Cajun in Lafayette

Story and photos by Kathleen Walls

Lafayette Parish in Louisiana is alive with music. It's a part of their culture.  In the 1760s, thousands of Arcadians driven out of Canada because of their religion were welcomed in Catholic Spanish owned Louisiana. They brought their music with them. However, in the new environment, it modified to create a totally different music from French Canadian. Ranger Jodie at the Acardian Cultural Center in Lafayette explained, "The main instrument in Cajun music is the German accordion. And then we have the fiddle which is French we also have a guitar which is a Spanish influence and we have the triangle, rub board and spoons which are African instruments."

Lafayette is big on festivals. There is something going on almost all the time. The largest event is Festival International de Louisiane, a five-day event held the last weekend in April bu there are many others.

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

We visited Lafayette for the Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, an annual festival held on the second week in October. It’s a celebration of Cajun Culture. Instead of a ribbon cutting to open the event, they had a boudin cutting. The live music is Cajun and Zydeco Music. Roddie Romero & the Hub City Allstars opened the festival with a tribute to Clifton Chenier, known as the King of Zydeco. Grammy-nominated Bonsoir, Catin, an all-but-one member female band, was the second to last act.

There were food tents as well as tons of live music from many of the local restaurants. It’s like taking a Cajun food tour all in one place. We did a cooking class where Chef Kevin Foil taught us to make jambalaya.

Downtown Alive!

downtown alive

Their Downtown Alive! is a free concert. They have Concerts in Parc International every Friday night in downtown Lafayette. It started as a little street party on Friday, April 8th, 1983. This year, it celebrated its 40th anniversary and hosts some fantastic musicians.

Blue Moon

female band at blue moon

Blue Moon Saloon is one of those places it’s impossible to describe. Yes, it’s a music venue, a neighborhood bar that hosts guests from around the world, a dance hall, an exuberant celebration of Cajun and Zydeco music, an indoor/outdoor mix with a hostel tossed in. Southern Living magazine rates the Blue Moon Saloon as one of the “100 Best Bars in the South.”  

The original house was a family home and moved to its present location in 1900 on logs pulled by mules. The saloon part opened in April 2001 on the back porch of the Blue Moon Guesthouse. Today, it’s part back yard and part under a shelter. It’s always packed tight. You wend your way through the crowd to the small but well-stocked bar. Next, head for the bandstand where things are jumping. There will be a solid wall of people all over, but they are friendly, so if you bump into a neighbor when you dance, it’s okay. The last time we went Amis du Teche was playing. The band is led by two young women, Adeline Miller, fiddler and vocalist, and Amelia Powell, guitarist and vocalist, backed by Adeline’s brother on bass and a drummer with a driving beat. No one could stay still.


musiian playing fiddle 

Vermilionville Historic Village is a living history museum that takes you back to the 18th and 19th century with a recreated Acadian village. We entered through Vermilionville’s Visitor Center, also a gift shop, La Boutique. There's so much to see there and music is one factor.

Vermillionville's historic village features music as a part of the culture. Creole fiddler, D'Jalma Garnier, grandson of famous New Orleans Jazz bandleader and fiddler, Papa Garnier, explains to visitors the difference in Cajun and Zydeco. He'll fiddle a true Creole song for you.


Carrying on the tradition there is a Cajun Jam in  the Performance Center of Vermilionville Living Museum & Folklife Park  every Saturday from 11am to 2pm. Local musicans come and play Cajun and Creole music.

‌Rock n’ Bowl

Rock n’ Bowl is one more of the fun things to do in Lafayette. It’s a combination of dining, dancing, and bowling alley. The original one was opened in New Orleans but during Hurricane Katrina, the owner evacuated to Lafayette and fell in love with the city and opened a branch here. 

Moncus Park

musians playing outdoors

Even Lafayette’s newest treasure, Moncus Park, connects a visitor with music. The park is beautifully landscaped with native plants. It has a Veteran’s Memorial, a children’s playground with a splash pool, hiking trails, a fishing pier, an amphitheater, a  dog park, the cutest little tree house, and more.

It's home to the Farmers and Artisans Market  every Saturday which is so much more than a place to buy produce. There are artists ranging from jewelry makers to authors with the Writers Guild of Arcadiana an dof course music, local musicians do an informal jam at the market. One was playng the moist unusual bass insturment I have ever seen. It was made from a washtub.

Buck and Johnny's


At Breau Bridge, the Crawfish Capital of the World, Buck and Johnny's Zydeco Breakfasts, the food and music are married. Bands like Chubby Carrier and The Bayou Swamp Band gets Cajuns, Creole and visitors together on the dance floor doing the two-step while they dine on breakfasts like Don't Mess with my Tasso and Swamp Rice.

Bayou Teche Brewing

band playing

If you are still needing music later in the day, head to Bayou Teche Brewing. They have a Sunday Zydeco Brunch with music, unusual pizzas, and craft beer that will get your feet moving. The band even invited one of our group to play the fretboard with them. 

Editors note: My new book coming in February, American Music: Born in the USA, will feature Lafayette musical culture along withe other places that helped birth American music.