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The Fall 2015 Edition of American Roads Magazine  


American Roads is proud to present the Fall 2015  Edition of American Roads Magazine.                  

                          Public Disclosure-- Please Read
I recently learned of a law requiring web sites to let their readers know if any of the are "sponsored" or compensated. We also are to let readers know if any of our links are ads. Most are not. They are just a way to direct you  to more information about the article where the link is placed. The hotel link on this page is a paid link, however it  is one I feel is very helpful in booking a hotel. I think readers are smart enough to know an ad when they see one but to obey the letter of the law, I am putting this statement here to make sure everyone understands. American Roads may contain affiliate links. Further, as their bios show, most of the feature writers are professional travel writers. As such we are frequently invited on press trips, also called fam trips. On these trips most of our lodging, dining, admissions fees and often plane fare are covered by the city or firm hosting the trip. It is an opportunity to visit places we might not otherwise be able to visit. However, no one tells us what to write about those places. All opinions are 100% those of the author of that feature column. 

Welcome to the Fall issue of American Roads. It's a fully packed issue as usual with lots of fun places brought to you by some of the best travel writers around. This will be the last of the Civil War Trails articles as this is the last issue of 2015, the end of the Sesquicentennial. When I visit interesting places that relate to the War between the States, I will bring them to you in the Historic Trails feature or other appropriate column. Without getting into politics, I just want to say, I hope no one will let the events of those years be forgotten. It involved all of our ancestors that lived in this country at that time. No matter which side they aided and supported, they were probably doing so with a good heart. One of my favorite sayings is "Those who forget their history will be forced to relive it."

As everyone knows if they live on this planet, this is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina followed within a month by Hurricane Rita. My Byroads article is a tribute to the great state of Louisiana in memory of those horrific events. I had a visit planed to New Orleans when Katrina struck. I did an article about my personal memories of the city in the next issue of American Roads. For any of you who want to revisit that article it is found here.

This issue we have a great guest writer, Kathy Barnett, managing editor of the Weekender Magazines. She takes you on a trip in time back to the days of the "Wild West" and the cattle drives so be sure to check out our Guest Column.

You will always find interesting lodging here at American Roads. Remember when planning a vacation or business trip, it's always a good idea to research the available lodging. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise when you arrive at your destination. My favorite way to check with a reliable service that gives me ratings, reviews, lots of photos and the ability to book through whichever booking agency is currently offering the lowest price. All through the same website. You can do the same.  Click here for the best way to find a hotel worldwide.

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Lagniappe (Our new E-zine branches off from this page)

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Adirondack Trail Mix  

A Visit to Historic Fort Ticonderoga – An Immersion Experience

By Persis Granger

We arrived at Fort Ticonderoga on a photo album summer morning, the kind with azure sky polka-dotted with cauliflower clouds. Bright sunlight danced on the waters of Lake Champlain that tickled the sides of the Ticonderoga peninsula. It would have been enough just to sit and soak up the mountain scenery, but there lay ahead the imposing star-shaped Fort, and our crew had adventure in mind.


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Agri Lanes

Busy as a Bee: A visit to Hunter's Honey Farm

by Kathleen Walls

Hunter’s Honey Farm can trace its beginnings of managing bees and harvesting nature’s liquid gold for more than a century. Gilbert Perigo, the farm and family patriarch, began beekeeping while he was still in high school in Boonville, Indiana and by 1910, was using several hives to pollinate the family apple orchard. In 1951, Gilbert retired from teaching and moved his family to Mooresville, Indiana. There, he began what you find today at Hunter’s Honey Farm. 

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Art Trails

Art of the Battlefield

by Anne Jenkins

At the end of July I visited the Panhandle of West Virginia to find out more about Over the Mountain Studio Tour held in Jefferson County every fall. They host a 2-day preview exhibit in Shepherdstown to give you a sampling of the art offered during the studio tour later in the year. I not only got a great impression of the art and artists, I also discovered a fascinating artist tale just across the Maryland border at Antietam National Battlefield.

Read Art_Trails.htm /


Only in Louisiana

by Kathleen Walls

Traveling in the United States, Louisiana is the closest you can come to visiting a foreign country. So much of their food, culture and heritage is found only in Louisiana.

read ByRoads Click Here

Chuckwagon Roundup

Ghostly Gourmets:
Haunted Restaurants of the South

by Kathleen Walls

Some restaurants have a lot of spirits. I mean that literally. A few of the restaurants I visited have their very own ghostly gourmets still wandering the kitchens and dining rooms.

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Civil Rights Trails

Hitching a Ride on the Underground Railroad

by Kathleen Walls

“You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” There is no way to walk in the shoes of an African Slave in the Antebellum South or hitch a ride on the Underground Railroad today but a visit to Slave Haven in Memphis is as close as you can come.

read Civil Rights Trail-Click Here

Civil War Trails

Fayetteville's Civil War Heritage:
The Beginning of the End

by Kathleen Walls

Fayetteville, North Carolina boasts about 35 markers and sited related to The War Between the States in the area. I would consider the ones below a “must see” for Civil War buffs.

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Elite Street Eats  

Antoine's: A Living Legend

By Kathleen Walls

 It’s hard for any restaurant to stand out at the head of the pack in a city filled with outstanding restaurants like New Orleans,  Yet, if you ask the experts to name some of New Orleans best restaurants, Antoine’s will always be on the list. It's been way up there for a long time, 175 years of French Creole culinary traditions to be exact.

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Exploring with Eleanor  

A Southern Foodie Cooks in Wisconsin

By Eleanor Hendricks McDaniel 

I just became a Southerner when I relocated to Florida. But I grew up on “down-home” southern cooking. My northern mother learned to cook from her southern mother. So naturally, I cook mostly southern-style. Living in Italy had added to my kitchen expertise. But I wanted to expand my culinary horizon even more. So when I heard about a couple of cooking classes in Wisconsin, I thought it would be worth a try.

Exploring with Eleanor - Click Here 

Fork in The Road  

Dine like Royalty at The Crown

By Kathleen Walls

The Crown in Indianola, Mississippi is a lot more than a restaurant. they  also bill themselves as "an Art Gallery full of fabulous original Delta art, a Gift Shop filled with classic children’s toys and gifts for every occasion and a Bookstore." You could browse for hours but we came to dine so the browsing was limited.

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Guest Corridor

Along the Old Cattle Trail

by Kathy Barnett

By car today, driving from  Bandera, Tx. to Sedalia, Mo. takes a little over 13 hours – a good day’s drive if you are in a hurry. However, back in the days of the Great Western Cattle Trail, it took much longer for cowboys to drive their herds to the end of the railroad where they were shipped back East to the markets. By following Interstate 35 through through Austin and Waco, our first stop is in Dallas.      

read Guest Corridor Click Here

Happy Trails

Moundsville, West Virginia: More than Mounds

By Tom Straka
Photographs by Patricia A. Straka

Sometimes you stumble on to an interesting place without even planning on it.  Moundsville, just south of Wheeling in West Virginia’s panhandle, between Pennsylvania and Ohio, is one of those places. The name comes from the many Native American mounds in the area and largest and most prominent one, the Grave Creek Mound, is in the center of town on the main thoroughfare. A state historical marker gives the details of the original dimensions, the moat, and an early tunnel into the mound’s interior.

read Happy Trails - Click Here

Historic Trails

Roots of Natchitoches:
Fort St. Jean Baptiste

By Kathleen Walls

Most people when asked about the oldest city in Louisiana would guess New Orleans. They would be wrong. Natchitoches is four years the senior. The city of Natchitoches grew from two simple huts to become Fort St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches. The city grew around the fort and became a primary French trading post.

 read Historic Trails- Click Here

Information Highway ( a different way to promote travel)

Wild About Florida

When you visit Florida, there is so much natural beauty to see. Wild About Florida by Kathleen and Martin Walls gives you a glimpse of all of the fun and natural places in Florida everyone would love to visit but doesn't know that they exist.

read Information Highway - Click Here

Inn Roads

The Village at Indian Point

By Kathleen Walls

When you visit Branson, you expect everything to be special. The Village at Indian Point doesn’t disappoint. It is beautiful, peaceful and has every amenity you want. To top that, it is located close to Silver Dollar City. It’s not technically in the city of Branson but is located on beautiful Table Rock Lake on Indian Point Peninsula.

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Literary Trails

The Mystic of Ancient Books: A Visit to the Lilly Library

By Kathleen Walls

There is something captivating about books. Even modern ones. When you touch a book, you touch many different lives, the characters that inhabit the book as well as the author who created the book. However, ancient books are even more magical. I recently had an experience any book lover would be thrilled to experience. I visited the Lilly Library on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Movie Trails

Where's The Help

By Kathleen Walls

Skeeter is still in Greenwood, Mississippi. No, not the character played by Emma Stone in The Help, one of the most popular movies of 2011. This Skeeter is a small gray dog and she resides with Webb Franklin in his home at 613 River Road in Greenwood.

 read Movie Trails- Click Here

Museum Stroll

A Capitol Idea: Louisiana's Capitol Park Museum

By Kathleen Walls

Capitol Park Museum is the place to visit first if you are a newbie visiting Louisiana for the first time. It’s relatively new museum, opened in 2006 shortly after Katrina so it is all state of the art and Disneyesque in its scale. Kids will be fascinated as well as adults.  It really covers the state from the days of the Louisiana Purchase to present. The museum, with 70,000 square feet of spectacular exhibits, is the largest in Baton Rouge.

 read Museum Stroll- Click Here

Off the Road

On the Road Again

By Kathleen Walls

For those of us who have done our share of RVing, only one thing is more fun than an  nostalgic look at an antique or classic RV and that is an entire museum devoted to these land rovers of the past. Amarillo, Texas is home to Jack Sisemore RV Museum. To sweeten the nostalgia pot, the RV Museum is located just a short distance off the "Mother Road" for all roadies, Route 66. Best of all. It's free.

 read On the Road- Click Here

On the Road with Grandma

Winston-Salem: An unexpected treat for Grandkids

by Roberta Sandler

Who would have guessed that Winston-Salem is a great vacation destination for grandparents and their grandchildren?

 read On the Road with Grandma- Click Here

Product Review

CardNinja Smartphone Wallet

by Kathleen Walls

Ever have trouble juggling you phone case and wallet or purse? I recently was given a product to review that make the task a lot easier. CardNinja Smartphone Wallet is a simple devise but very useful.

 read Product Review- Click Here


Squash- A Bounty of Fall

 By Mary Emma Allen

With autumn upon us and holidays not far away, we plan for the many festive meals we may be serving.  Many of them include squash in some form...baked, steamed, sauteed, in casseroles, pies and even cookies.  Winter squash, in its many shapes and varieties, makes a hit.  This hard tough covered vegetable will save into the winter when stored in a dark, dry place.

 read Potluck Click here

Renee's Route

Look Again at Louisville

by Renee S. Gordon

Every state has a unique story that explains how it developed into the place we visit today. Geography is the single largest determinate and the character of the people drawn to the area are the next most important factor. The region we know as Kentucky has always been a haven for individuals of strong opinions and personal moral commitment. The state, with its key position on the border between the North and South, was the only state to be represented with a star on the flag of the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War and both Abraham Lincoln, the President of the Union and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, were born in Kentucky.  To delve deeper into the state’s story, one can elect to follow one of the numerous thematic trails created by the state or “go rogue” and tour some of the lesser-touted sites. Considering what Kentucky is all about that is the only way to go.

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Street Party

Music in Mayberry

 by Kathleen Walls

If you’re a Mayberry kind of person who enjoys old-fashioned fun and music, you want to be in Danville, Indiana on the third Saturday of each month from June thru September for Summer Sounds on the Square. You will feel like you took a time machine ride and emerged in Mayberry, the iconic small town home of the Andy Griffin Show.

 read Street Party Click here

Tibs Trails and Tastes

Sweetwater County, Wyoming    
Flaming Gorges, Wild Horses, Vast Landscapes

by Christine Tibbets

Generations of cowboys and ranchers, ropers and rodeos are not my normal circle of friends. That’s why I headed to Wyoming to meet some.

Read Tibs Trails and Tastes Click Here

See the U.S.A. with Warren

Western North Carolina

by Warren Resen
Photographs by Jeanne O'Conner

Summertime in Florida and the living is hot. We decided to head to the mountains of Western North Carolina for a month of cooler temperatures and sightseeing, something retired Floridians have been doing for years.   

read See the U.S.A. with Warren- Click Here

Vagabond Traveler

Travels to Research a Civil War Book

by Mary Emma Allen

Assisting my Cousin Steve in researching a book about our Civil War ancestor, Henry Ira Banks, has been a fascinating journey.  The book, The Legacy Road by Steve Enyeart, recently was released.  By combining our research and his travels, Steve has written a very informative blog and book about our ancestor and the Civil War era.   

read Vagabond Traveler- Click Here





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