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The Summer 2014 Edition of American Roads Magazine  


American Roads is proud to present the Summer 2014  Edition of American Roads Magazine.                  

Now that Summer is in full bloom, people are planning vacations and road trips. Resorts and destination are rolling out the red carper.It's prime travel time. Hit the road and enjoy yourself.  Hopefully the articles my collegues and I have in American Roads will help you choose your destinations.

You will always find interesting lodging here at American Roads. Remember when planning a vacation or business trip, it's always a good idea to research the available lodging. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise when you arrive at your destination. My favorite way to check with a reliable service that gives me ratings, reviews, lots of photos and the ability to book through whichever booking agency is currently offering the lowest price. All through the same website. You can do the same.  Click here for the best way to find a hotel worldwide.


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Lagniappe (Our new E-zine branches off from this page)

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Adirondack Trail Mix  

A Visit to Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

By Persis Granger

“Char-lie, wait for meeee!” The chipmunk-cheeked five-year-old had been left in his brother’s dust.

The slender eight-year-old with wispy white-blond hair, paused farther down the trail, tapped his toe and said, “Come on, Will. There’s a neat cave up here. I’m going inside!”

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Agri Lanes

Perfect 10

by Kathleen Walls

"Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…“ The words of this old song are familiar to Americans of a certain age from the era of the western movies. The buffalo are symbolic of our American West. Once they roamed the plains in vast numbers. Then around the turn of the 20th century hunters and "sportsmen" almost annihilated the great herds.

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Art Trails

Up, Down and Art in Detroit

by Anne Jenkins

I try hard not to prejudge cities or countries before traveling there. I have been to Detroit many times but not since it's spectacular collapse and I couldn't help wondering what I'd find, especially since the media are pretty harsh with most reports.

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Chuckwagon Roundup

Out of the Ordinary: Ethnic Restaurants

by Kathleen Walls

Eating is an adventure. Never hesitate to take a chance on something new. When traveling, we are often tempted to stick to the tried and true American food, hamburgers, hot dogs or fried chicken.  There are lots of other choices out there. Here are some unique ethnic restaurants I sampled recently.

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Civil Rights Trails

Georgia Crafts

by Kathleen Walls

Ellen Craft and Lucy Craft Laney, they had so much more in common than a shared name. But they probabaly never met. 

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Civil War Trails

Heart of the Confederacy: Augusta's Civilians

by Kathleen Walls

During the War between the States in the South, it was not only military actions that kept the Confederacy going. Factories that produced materials needed for the war effort were indispensible. Without  them the soldiers would have had not guns, ammunition, clothing or railroad transportation to keep them functioning.

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Exploring with Eleanor  

Arts Alive! In Ann Arbor, Michigan

By Eleanor Hendricks McDaniel 

Small cities often surprise me with the unexpected. Ann Arbor left me with my mouth wide open in awe. Located a mere 43 miles west of Detroit, the college town has superseded the larger city in many of the fine arts.

read Exploring with Eleanor - Click Here 

Fork in The Road  

Hop on Down to Frog Hollow Tavern

By Kathleen Walls

Cross Southern Hospitality and down home food with Big Apple chic and you get Frog Hollow Tavern.

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Happy Trails

Revolutionaly War Battlefields Kings Mountain and Cowpens

By Tom Straka
Photographs by Pat Straka

Two fascinating Revolutionary War Battlefields, both located just off Interstate 85, are often overlooked by drivers speeding towards one of those cities.

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Inn Roads

Augusta's Treasure: The Partridge Inn

By Kathleen Walls

No other hotel in Augusta can match the gracious Partridge Inn for history and ambiance. A stay at the historic inn offers the feel of visiting an Antebellum home. That might be because originally the Partridge Inn was just that. Despite the fact that the Partridge Inn didn't turn into a hotel until the 1900s, it does had an intriguing Civil War legend surrounding the gracious old hotel. Partridge Inn began life in 1816 as the two-story home of Daniel and Elizabeth Meigs. It was prior to before the home passed into public use that the event creating the legend is believed to have occurred.

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Museum Stroll

Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece in Rockford

By Kathleen Walls

Rockford, Illinois has a new museum to brag about. It is something unusual, the newest Frank Lloyd Wright museum, The Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House. This is the only building ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a person with a disability. Wright personally considered this one of the 35 best works of his career. The museum just opened on Friday, June 6, 2014.

 read Museum Stroll- Click Here

 Music Row

Happy Birthday Rock and Roll

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

Many music  historians credit July 5, 1954 as the day Rock and Roll was born. It was on that day that a little know singer with an unbelievable smile and wiggly hips walked into Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee and recorded That's All Right Mama.

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Native Trails

Dancing Leaf

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

Deep in Nebraska's Sandhills there is a special place that transports you to a time before written history when primitive people lived in harmony with nature.Discovery Park of America in Union City will rock your world. Literally. Experience an earthquake such as the ones that rocked this area of Northwest Tennessee 1811 and 1812 changing the terrain and creating a brand new waterway, Reelfoot Lake. The Earthquake Simulator is only one of the reasons you will want to visit Discovery Park.


 read Native Trails- Click Here


Off the Beaten Path

Discovery Park of American: See Beyond

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tennessee will rock your world. Literally. Experience an earthquake such as the ones that rocked this area of Northwest Tennessee 1811 and 1812 changing the terrain and creating a brand new waterway, Reelfoot Lake. The Earthquake Simulator is only one of the reasons you will want to visit Discovery Park.


 read Off the Beaten Path Click here

Off the Interstate

Branson: Something for Everyone

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

Branson, Missouri is a town that's full of it. Yes, it's full of fun, food, music, entertsainment and just plain All American Values.


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Gleaning Recipes from Relatives in Your Travels

 By Mary Emma Allen

In our travels, my family and I have always enjoyed discovering new recipes.  Some of these have come from relatives we've visited, whether on short or longer trips.  I've been organizing  some of these recipes for our family heritage.  You'll also recall family memories accompanying many of these recipes.

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Renee's Route

Indianapolis' Year of Family Travel

by Renee S. Gordon

The Archeological evidence of human habitation in the area that is now Indianapolis points to Native American presence circa 9500 BC.    Documentary evidence of tribal groups begins with journals kept during LaSalle’s 1679 explorations. At that time members of the Miami Confederacy lived in the region. On October 3, 1818 with the signing of the Treaty of St. Mary’s, Ohio the Miami relinquished 7,000,000-acres of land and retained 31,460-acres. They were allowed to live on reservations on their land and the tribe received a yearly annuity of $15,000. Almost immediately settlers began to move into the area.

read Renee's Route- Click Here

  Road Dog

Silver Springs State Park

by Baron Byrd (with assistance from Veronica Byrd)

It is now time to go on my first official camping trip.  I suggested to my human companion to load up the car and her bike so that I may seek the adventures of the wild life.  She gladly approved. We headed to Silver Springs State Park, Florida.


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Tibs Trails and Tastes

South Carolina Low Country Charms Abound in Beaufort

by Christine Tibbets

Simply show up in Beaufort South Carolina and the living is easy. Walkable. Tasty.Up-close architectural wonders and broad-vista costal views.

read Tibs Trails and Tastes Click Here

See the U.S.A. with Warren

A Brief Tour of St. Augustine 500 Years after Ponce de Leon.

by Warren Resen
Photographs by Jeanne O'Conner

March 15, 1513 is the date recorded for Ponce de Leon's landing on the coast of eastern  Florida.  A ship's log book records land being sighted at what he probabaly though was an island at 30 degrees 8 minutes North Latitude which is about 10 miles north of the present day St. Augustine. The year 2013 marked the 500th year of this monumentus event and festivities continue into early 2014.

read See the U.S.A. with Warren- Click Here

Wild Roads

Get Swamp Fever: Visit Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

by Kathleen Walls

As Georgia's second largest city, you may not have considered Augusta as a nature lover's paradise. Well, think again. On a recent trip to Augusta, I discovered one of the city's best kept secrets. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

read Wild Roads- Click Here

Vagabond Traveler

Traveling Through Yesterday

by Mary Emma Allen

My father stimulated my interest in the history of this country by taking us to historic sites when we traveled.  Mother researched them with her school teacher's instincts and pulled out maps and pictures.

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